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Yorkshire-based house builder shows support for women in Construction after reporting a 30% female employee rate

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International Womens Day

In line with International Women’s Day, Yorkshire based housebuilder, Stonebridge Homes, have reported that they have an impressive 30% female employee rate.

According to the Office for National Statistics, only 15% of the construction workforce is female, meaning Stonebridge are currently double the national industry average.

Misconceptions about gender-specific roles are gradually fading, with a growing number of women now choosing a career in construction all across the world.

Stewart Loben, Construction Director, said: “I think there is a stigma with being a predominately male environment, but the women that I have come across in this industry have always thrived. It’s about doing a job and doing it well, whilst being a part of the team and the journey. For me, and the team, we’re actively seeking more women in construction, and I’d love Stonebridge to be an ambassador for that.”

Over the last few years, Stonebridge Homes have noticed a lot more women coming into the industry, and

believe it has been very well received. The industry is different to what it used to be, and women now play a massive role in the trade from every different angle.

Steve Errington, Managing Director at Stonebridge Homes, said: “Here at Stonebridge, we’re proud to have such a high percentage of female employees. Whether it be getting planning permission for sites, keeping a close eye on project finances and contractual relationships or dealing with customers, we have many talented women in a range of departments across the business.”

Stonebridge Homes employ 25 female employees, with women fulfilling roles in Commercial, Planning, Sales, Accounts, Brand, Customer Care and HR.

Lily Clare, Human Resource Advisor, said: “I started my journey with Stonebridge in 2012. I came in as the Company Accountant and by 2019 Stonebridge had supported me through two periods of maternity leave. When my second period of maternity leave came to an end I decided I needed a change of direction, and I feel very lucky that Stonebridge offered me a role in HR. Stonebridge were very open to me coming back part time, which was amazing and when my eldest had started school I very much wanted to be able to work around school hours, Stonebridge were absolutely brilliant in accommodating this. We came up with something that worked for them and that worked for me.”

Katie Purdam, Senior Planner and Winner of the Rising Star Award at The Yorkshires. Residential Real Estate Awards 2022, said: “Whenever I’ve been on site at Stonebridge, I’ve always felt very welcome. It’s a team atmosphere, you can tell that everybody gets along and is welcoming to new people coming onto the site, whether that be a man or woman. If women are interested in coming into Stonebridge, whether that be into construction side of things or a role in head office, there are no limits as to where you could place yourself. If you are interested in joining Stonebridge, there is a network of people here to support you; we all look after each other and we all work together as a team.”

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